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Telematrix has been evolving since 1995. We believe it's experience that counts.

We hope you find something useful or informative on our site.

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Computer Services
If you need help with your computer, we can help. Services include one-on-one training, software installation, computer setup, provision and installation of peripheral equipment, marketing services and web design.

Selling OnLine
Setting up an internet shop does not need to be a hugely expensive and time-consuming exercise. There are a number of approaches depending on your product. We have found ShopFactory suits the needs of most small businesses..

Combating Spam
When your mailbox gets crammed full of junk mail so quickly that you haven't got time to find the real mail, its time to do something. My own solution is ChoiceMail. This inexpensive program has solved all my problems.


All services can be provided on Bartercard. Sales of equipment or software are not normally available on Bartercard, however there are exceptions. Please indicate your payment method clearly at the time of your enquiry so as not to be disappointed if the monthly limit has already been reached.


Feature Article


In the process of this website redesign, a lot of hours have been spent testing out programs and scripts, particularly form to email scripts. The majority of these scripts either afford no protection against spam harvesters or don't work effectively. Further down the track (once I've solved my problems) I hope to give a run-down of the pros and cons of some of these programs.

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Doctor Ebiz takes real questions from real small business people and provides brief
no-nonsense answers that help them learn how to succeed in the online world.
Updated weekly.
Doctor Ebiz -- Helping Small Business Succeed Online

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