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Protecting Mailto links

My Contact StationThere are a number of ways to protect the mailto links on your website from email harvesters or spam bots. One way is use a form. But that form needs to hide the email address too (unlike those old Matt Wright scripts of formmail). In addition we need to be able to prevent the spammers which use our own forms to reach us. Have a look at My Contact Station. It is the ideal solution for mailto links. And at only US$7 you can't go wrong.

Click on the image at the right to go to a page where you can view a video clip to see exactly how this neat little script works.

What's more this script uses Captcha to ensure you are only getting humans using your form, not some devious computer program filling in the information so that they can send you loads of emails about things you don't need or want.

How to test if you need this - go to a page on your website where you have an email link - most often this is the Contact Us page. View the Source, which generally opens up a Notepad page of code. Use Ctrl +F to find 'mailto' or to find your email address. If you can find your email address listed in full in the code,

<a href="mailto:someuser@mycompany.com">email me </a>

then so can the email harvesters.


For home or small business systems the new standard V.92 modem receives and makes phone calls while conntected to the internet. This modem-on-hold feature is used with a phone that has call waiting. Connects to the internet faster, uploads at speeds up to 48,000 bps and downloads at the new V.44 compression which allows you greater throughput for view HTML pages on the internet.

Added to that, desktop faxing, telephone answering machine with multiple voicemail boxes and distinctive ring support for faxstream duet, and you have the perfect home-office or small-office solution. No need for broadband or ISDN services.

Who makes this Modem? Netcomm - Australia's leading data communications and networking solutions provider.

Spam Blocking Software

ChoiceMailWhile there are a number of programs around, the only one we can recommend at present is Choicemail. For more information about this program, go to the Combat Spam page. If you require a spam blocking system for your network, please contact me to discuss the alternatives.


FinePrint's hottest sellers:
PDFFACTORY pdf Factory 3 (US$49.95)
Create PDF or print to paper: Only pdfFactory allows printing to paper or PDF without printing twice. Combine multiple documents into a single PDF. Send via email: One mouse click sends PDFs through your default email program. Also copies PDF to clipboard for pasting into existing email.
Click the image for more information
pdfFactoryPro pdf Factory Pro 3 (US$99.95)
Includes all of the features in the standard version plus: Create PDFs on letterhead; Add page numbering, headers, footers, watermarks; Integrated Jobs Tab: Shows all jobs and allows you to rearrange them, and more!
Click the image for more information
FINEPRINT FinePrint (US$49.95)
FinePrint is used for printing to paper and includes these features: save paper and ink, booklet printing, double-sided printing, print multiple pages onto a sheet, delete unwanted pages, electronic letterhead and more!
Click the image for more information


Shopping Cart Software

Setting up an internet shop does not need to be a hugely expensive and time-consuming exercise. There are a number of approaches depending on your product. We have found ShopFactory suits the needs of most small businesses. More information on the Selling Online page.


Vet is the easiest to use, always up to date, and does not interfere with the normal operation of your computer. We've tried them all, and always come back to Vet.


For home users we prefer Tiny Personal Firewall, and for business systems, SecureUp.


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