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Setting up an internet shop does not need to be a hugely expensive and time-consuming exercise. There are a number of approaches depending on your product. We have found ShopFactory suits the needs of most small businesses.

Option 1 - Do It Yourself


ShopFactory Light:
Just right to create small shops with one category and up to 50 products. Includes point-and-click ease, many different professionally designed templates and all the functions you need to get started in the world of e-commerce.


Option 2 - Do It Yourself

ShopFactory Pro:
Create amazing online shops with this multi-award-winning point-and-click shop editor - with all the features for success. Comes with more than 50 professionally designed and adjustable templates, many discount functions and everything else you need to become a winner in the e-commerce world.


Option 3 -We'll Do It - You Don't Buy Any SOFTWARE


Design and implementation of a website with e-commerce facilities - a once only payment dependent on number of products and any special requirements. This is especially suitable if you just want Buy Me Now Buttons or if your prices and products rarely change. Any amendments to the site can be made via a contract arrangement or on an hourly rate.


Prices start
from $495

Option 4 -We'll Do It - Then You Take Over


Design and implementation of a website, then you take control of changes and updates (We start it off, you then buy the software and maintain the site)

This is suitable for e-commerce sites where the products or prices change regularly or where you have a great many products and you want to start with a relatively few products and build the range over time.


Subject to



If you have an existing website that you're happy with and just want to add a shopping cart facility, there are a number of ways to allow your customers to purchase on-line. Ask for a review of your website to see if there's a simple solution you could employ.


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Your clients are obviously going to be concerned about giving out their personal details and/or credit card details over the internet. When you use a payment system that uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) they will see a small locked padlock on their browser indicating that they are using a secure site.Click on the padlock to verify that the site owner is trusted/recognised and that the security certificate is current.

Other ways to protect your clients is to use a third party payment system such as Paymate. The good thing about Paymate is that you don't need to have a merchant account and you can accept credit card payments or direct bank payments without going via US dollars and (for me and other small merchants like me) at a much reduced cost.

I closed my merchant account when I realised how much money I could save by using Paymate.



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